XXL Steakhouse - half as far as Amarillo & twice as good!  

                      806-935-3787 (806-93-JESUS) 806-930-8523. 

   We are your gateway to the snow! Just miles from your skiing and worth ever mile!

The Double XL Steakhouse is North Texas best steakhouse. Nestled on a small ranch in far north Texas. We have created a atmosphere & experience  with down home service and friendliness! Go try all the others  but we believe you will return to the XXL for steaks.

Reservation are a must, Call or text 806-935-3787 or 806-930-8523. We are 18 miles from Dumas and 22 miles from Borger on Hwy 152. Our entrance in on Hwy 152, nowhere else. There is XXL sign on the road and we are 1 of only 2 night lights on after dark. Our drive way is 1.5 miles and dead ends into the steak house.

GPS still does not work - it takes you to the Stinnett Post Office or the Hutchison county line. Possibly into a corn or wheat field. If you must GPS use HWY 152 & FM 1060. We are 1 mile west of that intersection.

THE Double XL STEAKHOUSE is open most  Fridays & Saturdays from 5pm till 9pm by reservations only; We are available, in advance, for earlier parties if reserved & planned ahead; We will open any time during the week for parties of 20 or more (guaranteed please); We usually open Valentines weekend, and Fathers Day weekend (no Sundays at all); We have 2 phone numbers for reservations.  We can cook pretty much anything you like, just let us know & we will try it at the same low prices of $50/plate; We order food on Monday's pickup food on Thursdays, for freshness; We encourage folks to relax. You can bring your own adult beverage or enjoy one of our non-alcoholic ones; We cannot rent the XXL to you to use as a Party Barn. We have to be responsible. We want the XXL to be your steak place! We want you to always have a great time. We are hampered by the weather and the dirt road! Please be call! 

* If we do not have ANY reservations on Friday @ 3pm, we only open Saturdays Please, call someone may have just canceled. We do have cancelation 

                                           806-935-3787 or 806-930-8523 Charles 

                 Thank you all so very much for a great year! Your the best !

      806-930-8523           806-935-3787

                             We still have 806-930-8523 -- 806-935-3787 

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